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What is Valkama?

Valkama is the ninth district camp of the Uusimaa Scouting district. It will take place in Syndalen, Hanko, in July 2021.

The camp will be the high point of the summer, offering fun activities to all ages and inviting scouts and non-scouts from Uusimaa and the rest of the world to enjoy camp life!

As one of the first big scouting events of the new decade, Valkama has its sights firmly set on the future, opening the discussion on what a scout camp looks like in the 2020s. The old and the new will meet in unexpected ways, offering surprises to everyone… The camp site consists mostly of boreal pine forest and sandy beaches, creating a wonderful backdrop to both the daily programme and the big get-togethers like the opening and closing ceremonies!

The camp will be organized in cooperation with the Väiski scout camp (the Espoo and Kauniainen scouts) that will run on the same site after Valkama. This will help us save volunteer work, money and the environment. For the truly fanatic scouts this presents the opportunity to spend an entire month on a scout camp!

Are you a Scout leader, looking forward to a Finnish scouting experience? In true scouting style, we make things happen together! We welcome you on our IST team. Stay tuned for more information!

Quick facts:

When and where: July 11–18, 2021 in Hanko, Finland

Who: We welcome all participants of at least 12 years of age from other countries to our camp! (unfortunately, international scouts younger than that will have to wait for our next camp…)

How many: We’re expecting up to 3000

What: Scout-style activities for all age groups, including adults

How much? Prices

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The Guides and Scouts District of Uusimaa is an association for 5000 guides and scouts and their 62 local groups in the Uusimaa region in Southern Finland.

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